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Year of 2021

2021 has been quite a roller-coaster ride with twists and turns that were never expected or even anticipated.

As I was going along, some of the things being accomplished were:

*Launch of a new book

*Show recordings/tapings

*Many features and interviews

*I took classes

*I started writing for “Own It” magazine

*Conducted VLC’s overcomer course

*Did speaking engagements

*Had billboard features, especially on Broadway in Times Square, New York City, wow!

Plus more…

All was going well then at the end of April my younger brother was admitted to the hospital and didn’t make it out alive. There was so much trauma as a result of the horrific way that he passed away that it had me in a different space that I had never been in before.

However, life continued to go on, despite the tragedy of losing my brother, before his time, at the prime of his life.

Then things continued to be accomplished:

*More speaking engagements

*More features and interviews

*More billboard features, in Atlanta

*Launch of another book with collaboration partners

Plus more…

Then another unexpected turn of events happened. My body began getting sick, and was so sick that I had to be hospitalized. This was at a pinnacle point in my journey this year, you see, I had just launched my first co-author collaboration book “Stuck Is NOT My Story: Change Is Possible! with its co-authors. We did the launch party the Saturday, then the following Tuesday, I was admitted in the hospital. Wow! What a turn of events!

But, whatever the enemy means for harm gets turned around for the good. It was a time of complete rest (I had no choice 😊) as I couldn’t do anything. It was also a time of reset.

All that I was working on had to be put on hold. Can you imagine that? But, stuck is NOT my story! I rested, rested, rested, and rested 😊. My project manager for my co-author collaboration project stepped in for me and continued the project, launching the press release, etc. I am thankful for all that stepped in. I am truly favored.

In the season that I was forced in, in my rest, I completed a book that I had started a few years ago. I did some organizing. I really took my time as I couldn’t do much at all. It really was a time of complete rest. You can read the full story of my healing testimony in my book “My Healing Testimony: The Five R’s.” On pre-sale here:

Fast forward to the end of the year. I am happy to say I am healthy, even though there has still been some residue.

1/1/2022 equals 8, and 8 is new beginnings, newness. 2022 is going to be fantastically amazing. More and more to come from Victorious Living Culture, that is a victorious living ‘culture’ movement.

There is always faith as victorious living is possible!

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s blog, and know that stuck is NOT your story because there is always hope no matter what.

Noreen N. Henry

Victorious Living Strategist

8x International Best Seller with 21 Published Books

Certified John Maxwell Team Leader

TV Talk Show Host


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