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I get the privilege of working with some

of the greatest people on Earth...

here is what some of them had to say

about their experience working with me!

"My time with Noreen has been healing. Having people care and show up and encourage me, treating me as worthy has been healing, so thank you, truly, and other folks should hear it, so they can know that you are who you say that you are, that matters, so that you can bless more people! I am on a loving out loud campaign. We let voices of criticism, shame and hate be louder and more frequent than words of truth, love and praise. That is how the enemy defeats people. I like to celebrate folks doing, loving, bold, righteous things it gives me joy. We all need a reminder, every once in a while that the way we are showing up is a blessing to people. So that we can have strength to go on when it isn't always easy. I have a book of yours I need to finish reading. I think I am in a place to receive it now. I look up to you as role model. You inspire me deeply, I appreciate you reaching out to me. Be blessed and keep being you.  You change lives more than you may think."



"Victorious Living Culture's resources has help

me see that I must chose to live my dreams.

My perceived obstacles don't exist.

Most of my excuses were rooted in fear.

I am now putting the work in to live the life I have been dreaming of."​



"Thanks for your guidance and love for mankind."​



"Noreen Henry has been such an inspiration and great mentor throughout my life. At times, your mind can be overwhelmed with thoughts, life can have you feeling down and depressed. Noreen has helped me to navigate through my darkest and loneliest moments. She is consistently looking for ways to motivate and push you past your internal and external limits. Her main focus has been to shift my perspective so that I can live victoriously and abundantly. Her books have assisted me on my journey and has provided so much knowledge. I truly thank her for all of her assistance with my transformation. With her kindness, teachings, mentorship, and support my life has changed so drastically. I thank her everyday."​


"I am so grateful that God placed you in my life. Your example of selfless love, patience, and kindness is such a blessing to me! Love ya."




"One thing I can definitely say about you, your heart is pure and I love that. You can actually see the genuineness."




"You are such a fine inspiration to me and others.

You embody the person spoken of in Matthew 25:21-23 KJV. Keep on allowing God to use you.

I’m very proud of you."

"How much you've helped me. My marriage is stronger than ever, my husband wants to do a bible study with me. He is studying on his own too. My relationship with my mother in law is healed. My son and our family have been delivered. You helped me get through terrible betrayals. If you hadn't been there to help and guide me I don't know what would have happened to me. I don't know if I would have reaped all these blessings. You have been a guardian angel to me and my family. I love you as a sister. Not just as a great friend although you certainly are that. But as a true sister of the heart. Thank you so much. God is truly using you in a mighty way.  I thank God for sending you into my life for such a time as this. You are a gift from God in my life. I treasure you my sis. Do people know who you are in the kingdom of God? Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. You receive from a prophet you receive a prophet's reward!!!!!! You are a bright light, and your warmth is felt across the miles-and across the computer, as well-as if we were enjoying coffee and a chat, in person. Thank you for that. You are a blessing!"​



"Noreen is a good listener. 

This isn't common these days." 


"I want to thank you for your support and encouragement during my difficult time.  I reached out to you due to a falling out with a friend and we were not talking.  I tried to reconcile a few times and he has not called back.  Your helpful ideas of putting it in God’s hands and prayed to him to see the truth.  After a week has gone by he called me back and we worked everything out. I stayed in faith and listened to your words of hope and all worked out.

 Thank you again and God Bless you."




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