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Noreen N. Henry

Noreen Henry was born in London, England and migrated to the United States in her late teen years.  She obtained an AAS degree from Berkley College, an Administrative Assistant certificate from Lehman College, a diploma and six certificates from Rhema Correspondence Bible School.  Noreen attended ISOA and received a certificate of completion, has certificates of Taking Care of People God’s Way, Christian Counseling 2.0, and Eating Disorders from Lighthouse University.  She completed the Healing School at Joan Hunter Ministries; as well as various other certificates.  Noreen continues to educate herself.  She is currently enrolled in the International School of Ministry’s (ISOM) Bachelor’s degree program and continually takes courses to craft her talents.

Noreen is an ordained minister through JHM and is a certified Biblical Counselor.  Noreen completed book-camp training through Kingdom Builders Academy.  She was a guest blogger for McCandless Ministries’ and a guest speaker for various other organizations.  Noreen is currently enrolled in KBA’s coaching program and is a former member of the Inner Circle.  She was a guest speaker for the Inner Circle’s Weekly Power-up call, Coaching with the KBA coaches teleseminar, and the “Expert of the Week webinar.”

Noreen is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), ia member of the 4 Corners Alliance (4CA), a member of Kingdom Builders Academy (KBA), and is a John Maxwell Team Member (JMT).  Noreen is also certified in: Administrative Assistant, Cake Baker and Decorator, Biblical Counseling, and GSC Leader.

Noreen is a life-long learner, who continues to study the Word of God daily, and is an avid reader who loves helping people and seeing them set free from bondage, and Noreen is a spiritual mum to many.


Noreen is passionate about the things of the Lord due to her life experiences and cares a great deal about people and our society. She went through a lot of major challenges in her life that has made her into the person that she is today, and she plans to make the world a better place, being a legacy changer as well as a world changer; The song “People Help the People” was dedicated to Noreen by one of her nieces.


Noreen is the mother of three beautiful children, and two lovely grandchildren, at the moment.  Noreen resides in New York City and can be reached on

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