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Stuck or Not?

The definition of stuck is unable to move, or set in a particular position, place, or a way of thinking.  Stuck in a difficult situation, or unable to change or get away from a situation.  Stuck to have to deal with someone or something unpleasant because you have no choice (from Cambridge dictionary).


What comes to your mind when you hear the word stuck?


Some of the things that come to my mind when I hear the word Stuck is:


*Stuck in the mud.

*Stuck on the train.

*Stuck walking behind people that are walking slow 😊

*Stuck in traffic on the roadway.


What other things can you think of?


These were things that would come to mind with the word stuck until becoming aware of being stuck in circumstances.  This took a different take on the word stuck.  So, when the word stuck comes to my mind now, I’m thinking about stuck going around the same mountain, and especially expecting different results with it.


When the word stuck comes to mind, it can be anything. 


What about stuck in situations in life?


Even though things that happen to us can cause us to be stuck, we can always become unstuck from it.  In my previous blog, I mentioned I was stuck in the emotional eating cycle and am no longer stuck in it.  I am so thankful to be unstuck from the emotional eating cycle.


Stuck Is NOT Your Story!


Stuck Is NOT My Story Anymore!


Whenever I become aware of something I’m stuck in, I start doing something about it to become unstuck.  It’s not good to be going around the same mountain, it doesn’t make for a free and peaceful life the way the Almighty intends it be.


I was led to create a book series called Stuck Is NOT Your Story with different themes on women sharing their stories and how they became unstuck.


So many of us go through different things in our lives and in all the different things, we can still become unstuck.  See, click on shop to get the stories of the courageous women that shared them. 


The Stuck Is NOT Your Story compilation of stories is to motivate and inspire you to take the necessary steps needed for change, and it takes courage to do.  You don’t have to stay stuck or broken, and you are the one, individually, that has to do something different to have the change you want to see in your life.  As the Word says, “faith without works is dead” (James 2:26).


If you are someone that is aware of being stuck in circumstances and are tired of going through the same things day in day out, month in month out, or even for years, contact me for victorious living strategy session @


Another thing is, we can be stuck and not know it.  When I was in a relationship, it wasn’t good.  It was verbally abusive.  Even though it was abusive, I stayed in the relationship thinking I was doing the right thing in trying to make it work.  I was stuck!


How can we know we are stuck?


One way to know we are stuck is when we are experiencing the same results over and over and are not happy with it, this shows that we are stuck.


What can we do about being stuck?


Seek help!!!


One of the things I started doing was reading books regarding my situation.  When that relationship that I was stuck in was dissolved, I bought a book called Emotional Healing and I also bought an emotional healing kit that consisted of cassette tapes and books.  This was me strategizing my way out of the emotional abuse I had endured for years to living victoriously.


Bottom line is to take an assessment of your life.  This is what will help to know if you are stuck.


If you would like help with awareness, check out my course “Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Becoming Aware Kit” on, scroll down to the 3rd tab.


There is always hope to become aware and change your circumstances for the life you want to be living. I’m living proof that there is always hope to be unstuck and live our best lives NOW!

Thank you for taking the time to read today’s blog and know that there is always hope no matter what.


“It’s not death that man should fear, but fear never beginning to live.”  Marcus Aurelius


Noreen N. Henry, Visionary Leader

Victorious Living Strategist

9x International Best Seller with 20+ Published Books

Certified John Maxwell Team Leader




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