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Stuck Is Not Your Story – Part 3 “Brokenness Causes Stuck”

Brokenness is at the root of many things, one is becoming stuck.

What is brokenness?

Definition of brokenness: violently separated into parts. Shattered. Violated. Damaged or altered. Not properly working, not functioning properly, out of working order. Irregular, interrupted, or full of obstacles. Not kept or honored. Crushed. Sorrowful. Not complete or full. Disunited. Reduced to fragments. Covered by clouds.

As you can see from the definitions of brokenness, being broken is a negative thing. With it being negative, it produces negativity in our lives, like being stuck.

From my own life experiences, when the brokenness wasn’t dealt with, it caused me to become stuck in more than one area of my life.

Let’s take a deeper look at the meanings of brokenness: violently separated into parts, damaged, crushed, reduced to fragments, shattered, etc. Let’s see what shattered means. Shattered means, broken into many pieces. My Lord! I was shattered, I was broken into many pieces. Layers and layers of brokenness that led to being stuck. I am happy to say that each layer of brokenness has been removed one by one, even though there is still more work to be done even though I’ve come a long way, it is a process that is life-long because things always come up as we live our lives.

Another thing brokenness causes due to being stuck, is not living free to be your true self. We were designed to be free and whole, not burdened down with so many issues of hurt and pain that cause us to be stuck.

It is so sad to see those that are broken and stuck.

*When suicide is committed, it started with brokenness and became stuck.

*When adolescents did shootings at schools, it’s because they were broken and stuck.

*When people end up in mental institutions, it’s because they are broken and have been stuck.

*People that are depressed are broken and stuck.

*When people self-mutilate themselves, it is because of brokenness, and being stuck.

*When people have addictions, it started with brokenness, then they became stuck. The list can go on and on and on.

We, as a society, need to wake up and realize that brokenness is real and causes us to be stuck.

I believe brokenness starts in childhood, and when the issues aren’t dealt with, we become stuck and that adds up to years and years of layer and layers of brokenness that causes stuck.

I was broken and stuck for many years, and I didn’t know it back then. I am the type of person that keeps moving forward, accomplishing great things, e.g. becoming an ordained minister, author, coach, speaker, trainer, etc. I was accomplishing things while being broken and stuck. The outside appearance looked like I was fine, but internally, I was broken and stuck.

When the brokenness isn’t dealt with it becomes layers and layers that creates being stuck in a deep way.

Layers of brokenness can come from abandonment, rejection, divorce, loss of something, ill-treatment, relationships, the job (yes, even with your job, it can add to the layers of brokenness and being stuck), so on and so forth.

Becoming unstuck is a process. Some things I did to become unstuck were: purchasing an emotional healing package, reading self-help books, inner healing coaching (this helped to speed up the healing process). It was in doing these things that helped me to become unstuck from the layers and layers of brokenness.

It’s not an easy process to get through the brokenness because you have to bring up the hurt in order to deal with the issues. But, believe me, it is worth it. I can say I am free. I have been liberated and free to be me. I have become unstuck.

There is always a solution. You may not want to hear it, but when you do what the solution is, it helps you overcome the layers of brokenness and become unstuck.

To overcome, you first have to want it, then commit to it, and do something different to overcome the brokenness and being stuck.

I encourage you to analyze and evaluate your life to see where you are regards to being broken and stuck, and depending on the outcome of your evaluation, take steps to be healed and move forward and become unstuck. Know that you are not alone it this, you can reach out to me for guidance.

“There is always hope to become unstuck!”

Noreen N. Henry, Visionary Leader

Victorious Living Strategist

6x International Best Seller

Certified John Maxwell Team Leader

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