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Special Guest: Lynnecia S. Eley

Share some info about you. Where you are from, what you do, and what are your interests?

I’m a wife, mom, entrepreneur, author, speaker and problem solver committed to inspiring others to transform their ideas into businesses by using strategies, mindset, confidence, and empowerment to help them create their own freedoms. Born and raised in Miami, FL now a resident of the DC Metro Area, over a decade ago I started out with a mission and purpose to Inspire, Empower, and Support, She Can Inspire was born. I invested in the aspirations and dreams of women entrepreneurs; empowered them to start, build and establish businesses through coaching, courses, events and business management assistance; while showering them with support by providing small business owners with personal and professional resources to grow in life and in business.

As the CEO of Lynnecia S. Eley Coaching & Consulting, and a Founder of Two Queens Media and Soigne' + Swank Magazine, I specialize in personal transformation inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to be sure of their abilities to succeed and to have confidence in their talents for they will provide rewards.

Why did you choose to be a part of this collaboration project?

Last year, 2021was a life altering year for me. Prior to this collaboration opportunity, I was looking for a way to share my story of triumph. I was invited to participate in one other project, but its mission didn’t speak to my story. When this opportunity came around, by referral from my best friend, I immediately jumped at the chance to meet with Noreen to hear her vision for the project. After that conversation. I knew this opportunity found me - it was the perfect space to testify my story.

Share a little about your topic.

My story is about me getting stuck in a cycle of self-defeating behavior that was easy and getting unglued required work – inner work, that started with myself but coupled with faith, courage and determination.

What encouraging words can you leave for the readers?

Life testimonies are often built from unplanned or uncontrolled experiences. We have to break through roadblocks and fear to provide courage to someone else who thought they’d never make it through their unplanned or uncontrolled experience. Never hold back your story!

What are the best ways for the readers to contact you?

Readers can connect with me online via my website at Join my mailing list and keep up with me on social media @shecaninspire on Instagram or on LinkedIn at

Victorious Living Culture hopes you enjoyed learning about our guest Lynnecia. If you would like to nominate someone to be a special guest, contact

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