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Special Guest: LaMetrice (Meme) Raynor

Today, we are introducing you to "LaMetrice (Meme) Raynor"

Share info about you, where you are from originally and where you are now, and what you do?

I am originally from Faison, NC. Throughout my life I have relocated to cities that are in 2 hrs increments apart due to school, work and family. I have lived in NC my whole life in the following cities: Faison, Goldsboro, Greensboro, Charlotte and now I reside in Winston Salem, NC with my 12 year (going on 25) and my husband of 17 years (11 years married). I recently started a new role 1/31/2022 and I am an Operations Consultant/Engagement Lead. My area has created products that can help the eight lines of businesses to be more efficient and productive. First product is called Simplification Workflow Tool (SWFT); this will help any process that's manual and creates a bot to assist with the process. Second product is eForms; this will help any process that requires a customer to sign a physical document. With eForms, a customer can sign into their mobile banking app and sign documents digitally. This is a secure and fast way to get necessary documents from customers to employees.

What have you overcome? Share a little about your topic.

I started a program back in 2019 and it immediately positively impacted me personally and professionally. I started the LEAD for Women Mentoring Program making the connection with Barbara Moore. Having a supportive, committed mentor supercharged my focus and made a substantial change in my career. When we first began working together, I never imagined I would be able to make the kind of progress I’ve made so quickly. Over two years, I’ve received a promotion, I’ve participated in leadership roles in HOLA, NAPN, completed Bank of America’s Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell certification program, I was invited to join the Black Leadership Advisory Council Culture & Communications team, I’ve been featured in newsletters and an article on Flagscape, have made more meaningful connections with peers and senior leaders across the Bank and have had incredible opportunities to make a positive impact in my own community by serving on local boards in Winston Salem, NC. LEAD’s mentoring program really is about changing lives through “Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Development for Women” and has certainly changed my life for the better. I truly appreciate LEAD personally making this investment in me and making this opportunity possible. I am in a career where I am valued and compensated for my worth, I can have financial freedom and peace that I have never experienced before. I have trusted myself and the process. My hope is that my story will inspire many other stories.

How did you know you needed to change?

I knew that I needed to change because I was doing the same thing and expecting different results. That's the definition of insanity. I needed to position myself with individuals in high places and pull my seat up to the table. My mentor has been working with me since 2019 and that was the divine intervention I needed. During that time in my life I had a miscarriage in 2017, which led me to be suicidal/depressed/stressed/anxious, totaled truck due to hit and run, which left my husband out of a career as a barber in 2019 (I was able to get a vehicle with no money down and that was a blessing), got into another accident in 2020 and COVID hit. I have been through two medical issues that left me depressed all throughout 2021. I am happy to say that 2022 has been the best year of my life! I started preparing myself for the role I wanted. The devil threw a few curve balls and God was also prepping me in faith class. I have been persistent and devoted and now is my time.

What steps did you take to implement change?

I started doing things that I was unfamiliar with. For example, my previous role, was production based and I read letters from customers and performed desired account maintenance or submit letter to another department. I started asking questions, reached out to people, collected my findings and created buy in with my manager to implement those changes. Success, for me, is all about continuous growth and development. And, I fully intend to continue this upward path of growing, listening, modeling, learning and using my #PowerTo make a difference as I grow my career and in my life.

What encouraging words can you leave for the readers?

I’m most excited when I see how my work positively affects relationships, simplifies interactions, drives up quality, and improves the overall bottom line. And so, I continue to challenge myself to grow, to lead by example, and to make a difference at work and in my community. So, I say to those who are/have been in a dark place to acknowledge your negative feelings but DON’T STAY THERE! After 3 days max, I work on inner growth and understanding. Trust yourself, the process and self-care!

What is your favorite quote?

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you are not" -Denis Waitley. This quote emphasizes that we are our worst critic, constantly holding ourselves back due to the unknown, fear, doubt and so on. Once you know your worth and what you offer, the skies the limit!

Provide the best ways to contact you.


Phone: 980-428-2704

Victorious Living Culture hopes you enjoyed learning about our guest LaMetrice. If you would like to nominate someone to be a special guest, contact

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