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Special Guest: Joy Green

Share some info about you. Where you are from, what you do, and what are your interests?

I was born in Korea and grew up in California. A Cali girl and true Libra; a lover of nature, beauty and the arts. I decided on a career in modeling by the age of 14. I took runway classes with Barbizon in San Francisco and quickly moved on to work in television, commercials, print, and music. However, my passion for the arts goes well beyond film and entertainment. In 2015, I decided to leave my Professional career of over 15 years in Corporate America. I began this new found journey as an entrepreneur; starting my own fashion boutique, - an online fashion and jewelry boutique.

My passion for healthy living and helping my community led me to volunteer in the Asics half marathon, twice, in 2013 and 2014. I started out raising money for The Fulfillment Fund; a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles working to make college a reality for students growing up educationally and economically under-resourced communities. I love what the Fulfillment Fund program stands for so I chose to become a student mentor. I was paired with 14-year-old Giselle, and since then we’ve remained dear friends. In June 2022, I had the joy of watching her years of hard work in school and sleepless nights, manifest into a Bachelor's of Arts degree from UC Santa Cruz.

I feel like my story has been unfolding for some time now, throughout the extraordinary life experiences I’ve had. As a survivor of abuse, depression, and attempted suicide I’ve overcome many of these traumatic experiences through practices such as meditation, yogic science, and Ayurveda, a natural system of medicine. Today, I have peace-of-mind and joy from within. But first I had to start facing many of the deep and hidden traumas I’ve experienced after years of victimization and self-destructive behavior. My daily practices include meditation, yoga and breathwork. As a Meditation Coach and Transformational Speaker my Life Career is focused around joy and transformation. Over the past 7 years, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to successfully influence others on a path to self-care, mental health awareness, and spiritual healing. I love connecting with other souls and sharing creative ways to find joy and heal. Life isn’t always simple to navigate, but I vow to remain open to adding my genius and love to every aspect of what I do, this will ensure I can reach others in this life and beyond.

Why did you choose to be a part of this collaboration project?

Once I realized I was stuck in my self-destruction with substance abuse, I not only had to heal but get unstuck! My bad habits and limiting beliefs were perpetuating the cycle of my own living hell. That was a hard truth I had to face and it required help! I know others out there feel stuck, or may not even realize they’re stuck. I know sharing my story will resonate with another soul who needs it.

Share a little about your topic.

This may sound cliché, but the implications of this statement also entail our free will: You have a choice. “I Choose joy”, is about choosing to find joy in everyday living, instead of using things to make yourself happy. I went from choosing to find happiness in a bottle, to choosing my own joy within. The best thing you can do for yourself, and others, is to find your own happiness. This required me to take charge of the powers of my mind (memory, reason, and speech).

What encouraging words can you leave for the readers?

Find your joy! No matter where you are in your life, follow whatever it is that makes you excited about living, and do that/those things daily if not often. What are the little things that make you excited about living YOUR life? Small things like being in nature and hiking, or that weekend yoga class. You’re the one feeling the effects of the choices you make, whether making the choice for your own sake or others. Get to know yourself and make choices that bring you happiness and joy - You’ll thank yourself later!

What are the best ways for the readers to contact you?


IG: @thejoyivefound

FB: @thejoyivefound

Twitter: @thejoyivefound

LinkedIn: @joyygreen

Victorious Living Culture hopes you enjoyed learning about our guest Joy. If you would like to nominate someone to be a special guest, contact

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