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Special Guest: JoWanda Rollins-Fells

Introduce yourself and your brand to the audience

My name is Dr. JoWanda Rollins-Fells, Founder and CEO of Spirit of Excellence LLC. We are a consulting firm focused on personal growth and professional development. Spirit of Excellence strategically leverages the power of TV, Radio and collaboration to full our 4 pillars of empowerment with an international reach.

The Spirit of Excellence pillars are:

I. Education

II. Mentoring

III. Outreach

IV. Spiritual Growth

Equipped with an Opportunity Campus comprised of 5 buildings in Virginia, Spirit of Excellence hosts students and organizations in the Youth & Community Center; Business Owners & Professionals in the Executive Suite; Speakers, Coaches, Ministers, and Independent Artist in the Production Mainstage.

Power of One Ministry is the non-profit arm and focuses on the Spiritual Growth Pillar. With a conference and mentoring ministry feel, we believe that we are a ministry for all where the Word of God is the final authority.

Why did you decide to join this collaboration project?

I decided to join this project because the message of being unstuck is powerful and necessary! My personal mission is to Interrupt Legacy Trauma. I strongly believe that we must heal and become truly unencumbered so that we can give our children and others the best of us and not the brokenness of us.

Becoming unstuck is my personal testimony, so I know the feelings, thoughts, and barriers that I had to endure. I hope that sharing my story, will arm my liberation while helping others rise from their stuck place.

Provide a brief summary of your story

My story starts with a traditional family upbringing full of God, school, achievement, and accolades. I could be described as a natural-born leader with a big vision and a big heart.

However, everything I was taught about being a person of character and how the good guy always wins was challenged with a betrayal that I was not prepared to face, address, or survive. I was broken in a way that I did not even recognize myself. My life was defined as the pre-event and post-event amongst my closest friends. In my fight to survive, I found a stuck place and made myself comfortable with the best of intentions. A simple moment revealed just how stuck I was and how I desperately needed to get unstuck. My life and my legacy were depending on it.

Share one challenge you encountered during your becoming unstuck journey? One challenge I faced on my unstuck journey was the replay of the movie in my mind 100 times. I mean HD, surround sound replay in my mind! Over and over again.

I had rehearsed my pain to the point where I could tell you the weather, what I was wearing, and every detail of the moment. Stopping the negative thoughts and the constant rehearsal was key for me in becoming unstuck.

Share one tool you applied to transcend the challenge?

One tool is Reframing Reality. I truly had to give myself permission to identify the ugly truth and to call it what it was- UGLY. Sometimes we remain stuck because we want to skip over or ignore certain elements. However, we can x what we won't address. I had to face it and find the words to accurately describe my emotions. I had to look at rejection, abandonment, and betrayal and decide that I was going to deal with the ugly truth of each of them.

In reframing reality, I had to understand that the actions of others do not define the value that I attribute to myself. Period. Therefore, the feelings of rejection, abandonment, and betrayal had nothing to do with my worth. Reframing Reality was a powerful tool. What do you do to maintain the phrase “Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Change Is Possible? To maintain the phrase, whenever I see or feel that I am settling, I do a quick self-evaluation. I check out my behavior and assess my feelings. I try not to let things build up because then it becomes harder to work through things. I also lean on prayer a lot.

"Thank you Lord for this beautiful day. A day that I have not seen before and will never see again. Thank you for being my peace and blessing me with wisdom to walk in the things that you have called me to do with boldness and while being completely unencumbered. Thank you for the daily reminders and encouragement that you are here with me and that I am walking in purpose. In Jesus' Name- Amen.

What is next for you?

I hope to grow the Spirit of Excellence Opportunity Campus and expand my public speaking career to an international audience. I would also love to establish Divas with Promise & Men of Valor mentoring programs in multiple locations and create a movement of interrupting legacy trauma by supporting our youth. I love the positive impact that my heart is purposed to make. I also want to publish more books and produce more TV shows.

Share words of encouragement for the reader

I hope that the readers and viewers will be encouraged by the book "Stuck is Not Your Story: Change is Possible." Please know that every ounce of you is bound together with purpose. You are stronger than you think and smarter than you give yourself credit for. You are able and capable of walking out your divine purpose. You have beauty and grace running through every cell in your body. You can and will strive. Don't settle for anything in life because you are worth everything that your heart desires.

What is your favorite quote?

"Today do the countless things others will not do, so tomorrow you can choose from things they cannot do." --unknown

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Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s special guest blog, and know that stuck is NOT your story because there is always hope no matter what.

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