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Special Guest: Harriett Tarver Constant

Introduce yourself and your brand to the audience.

I am Harriett Tarver Constant. I am a divorced mother of 5. Four young men and one young lady ages 31-21. I am a grandmother of 3, one boy and two baby girls. I grow up in Haines City, Florida and lived there most of my life. I now reside in Bartow, Florida. My profession is a Licensed Practical Nurse. I also just became an Independent Travel Agent. I love music, dancing, enjoying life and nature.

Why did you decide to join this collaboration project?

I decided to join this collaboration project because I have always wanted to write my book. The fact of being Internationally known through this collaboration project and most of all being featured on billboard in the New York Times square really excited me. So, I went for it.

Provide a brief summary of your story

After constant body shaming from my ex-husband, I thought it would make him love me if I lost weight, so I chose to have a Gastric Bypass. I was advised of all the complications that can occur during and after the surgery. One of them was death. I really didn't think of it. I only wanted to be loved. Eight months later after surgery I actually flat lined in the operating room because I was so septic and full of infection from a bowel obstruction.

Share one challenge you encountered during your becoming unstuck journey? The challenge I encountered during my becoming unstuck journey was learning to love me and my body as it is.

Share one tool you applied to transcend the challenge?

The one tool I applied to transcend the challenge is to trust God. Believing God’s words standing on His promises for me. Knowing the fact that God loves me no matter what and that I am loved, loving and lovable.

What do you do to maintain the phrase “Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Change Is Possible?

To maintain the phrase "Stuck Is Not My Story" I work on myself. I compete only with myself. I trust the process of my self-improvement and the blessings that God has for me.

What is next for you?

Publishing my book "Scared" is next. This is where my chapter "Willing To Die For Love" came from. And Just traveling the world do what I love to do.

Share words of encouragement for the reader.

My words of encouragement for the reader is to always believe and trust in God. You must believe in yourself and not wait nor depend on anyone else to do it for you. You have to encourage yourself, and speak over your life.

What is your favorite quote?

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. Lucille Ball

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Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s special guest blog, and know that there is always hope no matter what.

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