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Special Guest: Crystal Medina

Today, we are introducing you to "Crystal Medina"

Share info about you, where you are from originally and where you are now, and what you do.

My name is Crystal Medina, and I am originally from the Caribbean, born and raised on the twin isles of Trinidad and Tobago. I currently live in the US down South as they call it.

Loving and having passion for what you do makes a difference, so being a wellness advocate is a way of life for me.

I have been in the fitness, health, and wellness industries in varying capacities for over 10 years. I became a certified health coach in 2018 with the American Council on Exercise and I have a B.S.H.S. in Public Health from Stony Brook University. I am a wellness advocate, strategist, health coach and energy healer.

My business Rayvynne® Fit Wellness LLC provides virtual and in-person wellness education workshops primarily for colleges and libraries, but we also work with individuals, small businesses, and corporations.

We have hand-crafted, plant-based wellness products that are great for your self-care and stress management routines. We are all about energy and vibrations, so we carry crystals for healing, manifestation, and love. Our line of wellness books on Amazon are great additions to our workshops and daily living.

Being an empath and actively listening to others and maintaining balance isn’t easy, I can feel the shift of emotions in a room, or when communicating with someone.

I had to really learn to differentiate my emotions from others. I was forced to take a self-awareness journey starting with the loss of my grandfather, then the passing of my grandmother just a year apart. These events started setting in motion my pursuit for my purpose. I began to define my mission to live as fully, freely, and as joyfully as I can and to help others move out of survival mode and more into an internal space of living and being.

What have you overcome? Share a little about your topic.

I overcame that nagging voice in my head that said I couldn’t change my life, I stopped listening to others and their opinions, especially if they had no experience in what I was pursuing. My mind and my thoughts began to change, I no longer feed into drama, or negativity and I decided to not be so vocal with my goals and dreams.

I worked in New York city for several years, and it was highly stressful and toxic to the core of who I am. I started experiencing an array of skin issues, I began to age faster from the stress, I was Vitamin D deficient, anxious, angry, and just not myself.

Each day I felt a bit of me and my soul slip away, and this was the catalyst for me, to finally decide, wholeheartedly that I needed change and I needed to be in an environment that resonated with my purpose, and with my future self.

How did you know you needed to change?

First thing I changed my mindset and perspective, I trusted my gut that this vehement desire would manifest, I let go of doubt, I let go of the how, and the when. All I could envision, and feel was the outcome.

What steps did you take to implement change?

Now I didn’t just leave it up to a hope and a prayer, I put the work, I cut down on my expenses, I increased my savings, paid off my debts, hustled with my side gigs and started purchasing products I knew I would need. The reason I purchased products I needed was because I did not know if I would have steady income right away.

It was a bit scary leaving my job with all its perks, benefits, and salary, but how important were these things if my health and well-being kept declining.

What encouraging words can you leave for the readers?

In a world that is filled with illusions and naysayers, I say navigate this world your way. There is no manual to growing up, adulting and navigating this world. We all are kind of just winging it. So become who you want unapologetically, be kind to others but set boundaries and have your non-negotiables. If you have the will and desire, you will find a way. Keep certain dreams and goals to yourself, and only share with those who are open-minded, who actively listen and who genuinely want to see you shine.

Another thing, take time to learn who you are, self-awareness is a skill that is underrated, when you embody the wholeness of who you are, both the light and dark, your yin and yang, you become unstoppable in all you do, even when you experience hurdles. Knowing who you are is wisdom that no one can take away or tarnish.

Learn you, love you and when you decide to change and adapt, do so with the understanding, empathy and love I know you show to others, be gentle with you, and grow with you.

What is your favorite quote?

I really don’t have any favorite quotes, but I have started living by these two actions. To just be and just breathe is the mantra my awareness is slowly succumbing to. I want to just be present in the moment of my life through the calming and stillness of my breath. And I wish the same for you!

Provide the best ways to contact you.

I love building community, collaborating, and helping you on your wellness journey send an email to or book an energy session or consult with me at

Get social and catch my vibe on Instagram at

Subscribe, like and comment on my YouTube here

Shop my wellness books on Amazon at

Follow on Pinterest and Twitter @rayvynnefit

Remember health is wealth and you are worth it!

“Holistic living, healthy living” from Crystal, the Founder of Rayvynne® Fit Wellness LLC.

Victorious Living Culture hopes you enjoyed learning about our guest Chrystal. If you would like to nominate someone to be a special guest, contact

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