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Special Blog Guest: Kimberly Fallis

Introduce yourself and your brand to the audience

Hello My name is Kimberly Fallis. I'm a Speaker, CEO of Level UP Academy LLC and certified life and EMPOWERMENT coach who is very passionate about empowering women to become relentless self-leaders of their lives by setting goals, changing their mindset, removing barriers, and CRUSHING fear so they can Level UP and live the life they are so deserving of.

Known as "The Navigator" because of my ability to help direct and map out the necessary steps to transform the lives of my clients. I coach from my own life changing breakthrough experiences along with the positive psychology approach. This has played an intricate part of my proven track record of transforming lives and careers.

I have Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management and a Positive Psychology Coaching Certificate from the CaPP Institute under the tutelage of Valerie Burton.

Why did you decide to join this collaboration project?

When I heard the title of the book, I knew I had to be a part of this great project. The title really spoke to my spirit. I began to reflect on my life and the many times stuck could have been my story but, because of my faith and determination stuck isn't my story. I wanted to share my story with the world to inspire, uplift, and transform someone's life.

Provide a brief summary of your story

My story will take you on a journey when major doors were closed in my life. So often we spend so much time focusing on the closed door that we can potentially miss out on our next blessing or keep us stuck.

My journey will help you realize, if we change our mindset it can really change our life. When we move our sight and attention away from the closed door, we might be surprised to discover new, open doors. It might not be so easy to move our eyes elsewhere and change our mindset because of the attachment to the old and familiar, and fear of the new and the unknown. When we do this, it can keep us stuck, frustrated, and feeling hopeless. I took the closed door to college and employment as my fuel to succeed and not as an opportunity to feel sorry for myself. I had to take action!

Share one challenge you encountered during your becoming unstuck journey?

I realized not every plan works out or goes as planned. In life, there will be road-blocks and set-backs. Sometimes, there will be losses and failures. And, we will lose money and jobs, or faced with other unpleasant circumstances. We don’t always have control over these events, but we can exercise control over our mind and attitude. Instead of getting stuck in these 'setbacks' I had to choose to look at these challenges as opportunities to grow.

Share one tool you applied to transcend the challenge?

Changing my mindset and managing my self-doubt helped me move toward success. I had to stand on my faith so that I didn't develop a victim mentality. Those with a victim mentality believes that life happens to them rather than for them. As a result, they are quick to feel victimized when something doesn’t go as planned. That mindset would have kept me stuck and prohibited me from stepping outside my comfort zone, making difficult decisions, or doing anything to improve the state of my life. In other words, I would have remained stuck and paralyzed by fear.

What do you do to maintain the phrase “Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Change Is Possible?

I remind myself that if I change my mind, I can change my life.

I had to develop a growth mindset. By doing so it makes me more resilient, better at coping with failure, and it forces me to challenge myself instead of just giving up.

What is next for you?

To continue empowering women and sharing my story to help women get unstuck by removing barriers, changing their mindset, and crushing fear so they can become CEO's Self-Leaders of their lives. It's my passion to see women win and Level UP!

Share words of encouragement for the reader

Always remember, because of the challenges you have faced you can’t help but be a much stronger person. It may not make sense but, be grateful for the challenges because, without them, you would not have known that you are this strong person. Take charge of your life and seize every golden opportunity that comes your way.

What is your favorite quote?

“The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life, is the moment you can change anything in your life.” Hal Elord

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Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s special guest blog, and know that stuck is NOT your story because there is always hope no matter what.

Noreen N. Henry

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