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A Simple Explanation

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

This is a simple explanation of life.

It just takes one.  It takes one to start, then it trickles.

Martin Luther King Jr. was one, and look at the positive movement he made.

Adolf Hitler was one, and look at the negative movement he created.

It takes one, whether it’s negative or positive.  [The preference is positive :)]

It’s all based on who/what you listen to.

Television shows are for entertainment, however, they are based on truth, whether it’s negative or positive, it is still truth.

The shows that have the actors/actresses that have the devil on one shoulder telling the person what to do verses the angel on the other shoulder coaxing the person is what happens in real life.  And whichever one the actor/actress listens to, will determine the result that will be produced in their life in the show; whether negative things will happen or positive things will happen.  It’s the same for us.

With Martin Luther King Jr and Adolf Hitler, you can determine which one they both listened to.

As I mention in my book “Victorious Living: Guide to a Happier Life,” there are many aspects to victorious living and one of them is being careful who you listen to.  Being careful of what voice you are hearing and adhere to.

Martin Luther King Jr and Adolf Hitler are examples of the kind of movements they had created based on the voices they listened to.

We are to always analyze our thoughts to determine which one is the right one to listen to.

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