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Announcement of Co-Author Collaboration Book Project – "Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Change Is Possible"

Today, our topic is the announcement of Victorious Living Culture’s co-author collaboration book project.

This collaboration book project was birthed at the direction of the Lord. A few years ago, I had wanted to do a collaboration book project, but it wasn’t the right time. A couple of months ago, I kept hearing in my spirit, the word “anthology.” I answered the call of the Lord and began the process for this co-author collaboration project, that is titled “Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Change is Possible!”

"Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Change IS Possible" is a global movement of stories shared by like-minded co-authors who overcame brokenness, mediocrity, and being stuck to show that you are not alone and that it is possible to have positive change. This is also to inspire, encourage, and impart knowledge and wisdom.

I’m excited to share that our forward is written by Desiree Lee of AIB Nation. Desiree is my coach who has helped me tremendously in my author in business journey.

The co-authors joined the project because:

*You are God-fearing, you’ve taken the journey and know what you’re doing. You have a loving spirit.

*Your fruit speaks for itself. You are a praying woman. You prayed before our meeting.

*The title “Stuck” called her.

*I’m no longer doing anthology projects, but I am lead to join this one.

*I am excited to have this amazing opportunity and I believe it is the first step in pursuing my passion and purpose.

*I joined because I have wanted to write my own book, and I felt collaborating was a great way to start. Also, you are such a great inspiration, you gave me motivation to reach for my goals! This topic was perfect for me.

*There are so many women who have pain to purpose stories. I joined the Collaboration project to share my story as a Divorcee and single mother of three. My story is meant to inspire and empower women with similar stories that they can make it and come out of their situations better than they imagined.

*I am excited about collaborating with you on this project because it provides liberation to others and gives purpose to the process I endured.

I believe that in life we may go though things, but the true triumphant moment is when we are able to help someone else. So, this book is a pivoting moment for both the readers and the writers.

*My reason for joining the collaboration project is to collaborate with other great women to empower, inspire, motivate and to grow and learn from other strong women. Also to be a blessing to all around the world.

*I joined to be part of a unified voice declaring to others that if we can get unstuck, so can they! I want to see people walk in their God-given destinies.

Here are some of the benefits the co-authors are receiving from this collaboration project:

*A billboard in Times Square, New York City with the book and their picture

*The #1 Best-Seller Designation

*Media interviews

*10 complimentary copies of the book

Plus more…

This project is so exciting, working with the co-authors, and seeing the impact their powerful stories will have on the readers, is powerful. God is shining through this project immensely.

This is the first in a series of powerful, overcoming stories. Stay tuned for the announcement of the next collaboration project, or if you are interested in hearing about it now, email and put in the subject line “book 2.”

To order your pre-sale copy, click here:

A word of encouragement: Life is about choices. We are to continually evaluate and analyze our lives to make sure we’re in alignment for living our best lives now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s blog, and know that there is always hope no matter what.

Noreen N. Henry, Visionary Leader

Victorious Living Strategist

6x International Best Seller with 18 Published Books

Certified John Maxwell Team Leader

TV Talk Show Host


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