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Always Do What Is Right

Updated: May 28, 2018

We are not perfect people, only Jesus was, but we have to strive to do what’s right no matter what because everything we do affects our lives and everyone around us.  

We have to always remember that we reap what we sow.  However we treat others, we will be treated the same way.  If we treat someone badly, we will get back bad treatment. I want to be treated well, how about you?

When my children were much younger, I used to tell them to be good to people even if they are mean to them because if you treat them how they treat you, you will get back the same treatment.  

Note that the reaping of sowing positive or negative seeds doesn’t always happen right away so this may seem like you have gotten away with the way you have treated someone if it is negative. But look out, because it will come back.  I believe this is one of the reasons people are not thinking about the sowing and reaping principle because they think that they are fine. 

Also, some will think that it’s bad luck that they are experiencing when bad things happen to them.  But there is no such thing as bad luck, we make our lives by the choices we make.  So make sure to make right choices to have right results and make sure to treat people right regardless of how they treat you.

The best way to always remember to treat people good and right no matter what, is to think about it this way, “if it was me, would I want to be treated like this”?

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