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10 Ways to Deal With Grief

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

“Life Is Fragile, Handle With Care”

I was asked a question, “how do you grieve and handle your business (as an entrepreneur, business owner.)

How do you grieve when life continues, and you have a business to run?

How do you talk to your clients when you have a business to run?

How do you talk to your clients when you are grieving?

How can your clients understand you’re grieving when they have expectations?

It’s a lot to think about, I know. Like so many, I have close loved ones that passed away during the last year and a half.

As a victorious living strategist, I was asked how?

Even though it is very tough when a loved one passes away, we do have to continue moving forward as nothing else in life stops. We have to take care of our families, the bills don’t go away, the jobs keep going, our clients need serving, etc.

With dealing with clients, we have to push through. Depending on how you are led, you can let them know that you are grieving. If need be, reschedule appointments to give yourself more time. We have to think about things from the client’s perspective as well. It is challenging, but life doesn’t stop.

There are things we can do to help with grieving. Here are 10 ways to help you when dealing with grief:

1) Breathing Exercise

When grief is overwhelming, stop and do breathing exercises. One example it to breathe in through your nose for a count of four, hold to the count of 7, then exhale to the count of eight.

2) Meditate

If you are a believer in the Most-High God, you can find scriptures to meditate on that will help to comfort you. For example, Psalm 121:1-5, I lift up my eyes from whence comes my help. My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. He will not suffer my food to be moved. He who keeps me will not slumber. Behold, He that keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. The Lord is my keeper, the Lord is my shade at my right hand.

3) Journaling

Write down how you are feeling on a daily basis. Journaling helps you process feelings of grief. writing about your grief and loss can trigger strong emotions, you may cry or feel deeply upset which is why journaling is valuable and meaningful, and report feeling better afterward.

4) Take one day at a time and take things one day at a time.

5) Talk to someone you can trust. Seek out grief counseling.

6) Listen to upbeat music to life your spirits.

7) Watch comedy to uplift your spirits.

8) Allow yourself to grieve. As my grief counselor said, grief is linear, it comes in waves. Make sure to allow yourself to grieve.

9) Write a letter to your loved one.

10) Find a hobby. It helps to be occupied doing something for others.

We all grieve differently. When my mum passed away, I didn’t cry. I was mad about it because I know that she could have lived longer if she listened to me. We have so much in God, we just have to learn it. We perish when we don’t have and use the right knowledge.

It is never easy when a loved ones passes away, to me, this is the hardest part of life because it’s final, you can’t talk with the person again, physically, on this side, you can’t hug them again.

But, we must keep going, we must keep moving forward and cherish the memories of our loved ones, and remember the good times.

It is possible to grieve and still run your business by applying these ways that will help us to proceed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s blog, and know that there is always hope no matter what.

There is always hope!

Noreen N. Henry

Victorious Living Strategist

7x International Best Seller with 20 Published Books

Certified John Maxwell Team Leader

TV Talk Show Host


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