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I was ashamed of the relationship I had developed with food. I had used food for comfort. Sound familiar? Food Addiction: The Struggle Has Been Real is more than a book about addiction to food, it is a record of the struggle that has taken me from the place of slavery, led me through the desert, and the account of me triumphing towards the promised land. I was a slave to food, my feelings, and my weight. I felt ouf of control. I had learned to hide. I didn't like what I had become, and hated that I didn't have control. God nudged me and let me know that it is safe to come out of hiding. I wrote this book to start a conversation about a silent epidemic that is plaguing our nation (and the world really). This book is for you and me, and for the family member that you are concerned about who is struggling through food addiction. Food addiction is real... but so is FREENESS. My prayer is that as you read my story, you will understand the struggle is real and that you are empowered to overcome your own struggles.

Food Addiction: The Struggle Has Been Real

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