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This legacy journal is for you to record information about you and the events of your life, and have it all recorded in one place for your future generations to know more about you.
I wish I had more information about my grandparents, and my great-grandparents, in fact, my foreparents.
It was unfortunate for me and some of my siblings to not meet any of our grandmothers, and one grandfather, and only meet one grandfather.
It was due to our families living many miles apart in different areas of the world. If their history was recorded, I could have known more about them. I also wish I had more of my mother's history before she passed away. I was trying to capture more information from her, but she passed away before I could get more of her history.
This is an opportunity for you to record you life's history that will live on forever, and passed on to your future generations so they can know about you.

A Legacy Book: Interesting Facts Journal

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