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Noreen N. Henry

Changing Lives One Person At A Time!

Stuck does NOT have to be your story!

Do you feel like your life has been a series of obstacles that have left you defeated, disappointed, and without direction?

I created Victorious Living Culture for people like you! Why? Because I was you! 
Before choosing a new way, I would make choices that made for a miserable life.
After being tired, and fed up I made a choice. I decided to put God first and aligned myself with victorious living... everything began to turn around and continue to get better and better! I can help you find the VICTORIOUS life you were meant to lead!

Welcome to

Victorious Living Culture

I am here to help you on your victorious living journey!

Victorious Living Culture will empower you to

live victoriously regardless of your life circumstances!  The tools you will learn through our Victorious Living Coaching Program or our Victorious Living Academy will equip you with the knowledge to align yourself with peace and joy while enabling you to live VICTORIOUSLY!


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Meet Noreen

Noreen is a powerful coach, speaker, trainer, author and ordained minister who is known for her knowledge, wisdom, & understanding with immediate results. She is a multiple #1 best seller and her book "Victorious Living: Guide to a Happier Life" was #1 in Hot New Releases. Noreen has experienced many trials and tribulations in her life and has learned that she can have joy and happiness and stay in peace in the midst of chaos while working through her issues. She learned the tools to be victorious and overcome in her circumstances to victory. As a result of her coaching and mentoring, Noreen has helped countless people turn their situations into victory, and has been known for instant results!


Legacy Journal by Noreen N. Henry

The purpose of this legacy journal is to determine the legacy you have now and the legacy you will leave when you pass on.  This is to help with making sure you are working on the legacy that you want, and to think about things that are taking place in your life to determine if the path of your life is a victorious one.  I mention in my book “Victorious Living: Guide to a Happier Life,” there is always hope to live victoriously, thus having a great legacy.

Victorious Living

Guide to a Happier Life

By Noreen N. Henry

This book is YOUR guide to live a VICTORIOUS life!

You do NOT have to live one more day without joy, peace, and happiness. Victorious Living will EMPOWER you to stay in the state of JOY, PEACE, and Happiness,

living victoriously all the time... even in turmoil,

still maintaining VICTORY.

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